That you re-read the article and notice that you are "seeing" labels where none exist so I suggest.

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The writer of this article is

The writer associated with the article is explaining BEHAVIOR (and without needing psychiatric terms. ) Perhaps the eprson behaving such as this often helps on their own or perhaps not, if they know about what they're doing or otherwise not, isn't the problem. This really is behaviour that harms people in the obtaining end of it, and thus it is beneficial for most of us to learn more about any of it, to make certain that we could protect ourselves.

Your post is certainly one of a few we have actually experienced recently online, simply by those who have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder,

Each of which simply simply take this tone of exactly how no-one understands, that most people are being intolerant, exactly exactly how BPD just isn't your fault, etc. You may be neglecting to note that particular BEHAVIOR hurts individuals (whatever reasons lie behind it); we have been eligible to understand how to protect ourselves against damaging behaviour. Read more